Our weekend certainly was buzzin’!

eTuk USA joined thousands of coffee aficionados from around the world for Coffee Fest Denver. From “latte art” competitions to new product showcases, the Colorado Convention Center was filled with all sorts of pep (and not just because of the caffeine).

To share what our partners have been brewing, we showcased a custom built eTuk from a local firm called Tuk Fab. The Harvest Grounds eTuk made its debut before it heads off to an airport near you. The word quickly spread and attendees and vendors alike were flocking to see what all the “tuk” was about. Let’s just say the Coffee herd  liked our coffee tuk a “latte.” With inquiries flowing and ideas brewing, eTuk USA was stirring up the pot at Coffee Fest.

Though the weekend may be over, there is no reason to feel “despresso.” If there is one thing we learned at Coffee Fest, it’s that our eTuks certainly have the ability to get people talking and their heads turning. During the weekend thousands of attendees stopped by to see the Harvest Grounds tuk for themselves. With exclamations of awe rippling throughout the building there was no shortage of photos being taken. It’s fair to say that the tuk was the one of the shiniest stars in the Coffee Fest Sky.



Just think about what a coffee tuk will do for your business. With a 100% electric eTuk, the possibilities are endless. Say goodbye to the days of hefty rent and overhead and hello to a life of “F Cubed…”: flexibility, freedom and fun. From espresso machines to bagel bins and toasters, your coffee tuk can have it all - and the kitchen sink! And guess what, gone are the days for power generators, because your eTuk is self sufficient.

Are there more perks you ask? Well of course, because your eTuk commands instant press...and who doesn’t like a bit more attention. As we saw at Coffee Fest Denver, an eTuk speaks for itself. Whatever road your tuk rolls down, you can expect free PR to follow - and lots of it. With a environmentally friendly coffee eTuk, you’ll quickly become the “tuk of the town.”

Finally, eTuks are versatile. Because all of our vehicles are 100% electric - you can drive inside and out. Whether you’ll looking to roll on into the Colorado Convention Center or wanting to set up shop at the Farmer’s Market, an eTuk will take you there and back in a jiffy.  Oh, and did we mention hotel ballrooms? Parks? Shopping Malls? Stadiums? Office Buildings? Train Stations and more?

What are you waiting for? We invite you to step out of your daily grind in the tuk of your dreams.

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