It's fantastic when the most fun you can have on three wheels is also a great way to grow your business. We have just announced that the price of an eTuk has just dropped on all models. With saving up to $3,000, owning an eTuk has become that much more affordable.

Ever since our founder's first trip to Guatemala, where he saw tuk-tuks in action, we've been passionate about the eye-catching electric vehicle and their potential for companies to grow their businesses.



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We know first-hand that cost and access to capital are major considerations for business owners. With that in mind, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to add an eTuk to your business, so we're proud to announce the new base price of our Limo Model: $17,995.

The journey to deliver these savings has been like off-roading in an eTuk: it has required some effort and hasn't always been smooth, but it's totally worth it. Through these processes, we've saved labor, increased output, and cut costs, and we're passing that savings on to you:

We streamlined manufacturing. We overhauled our assembly process. Originally, we built our vehicles at one station, wasting lots of time and labor by moving parts and tools back and forth to the vehicles. Now, each chassis rolls through up to eight stations, where each eTuk Assembly Professional has the parts and tools they need to keep the vehicle on the move.

We tightened up our shipping. Last year, we tested a stacking mechanism that allowed us to fit twice the vehicle frames in the same container. Today, that mechanism is in full swing for our Limos, so the cost of shipping a frame has been cut in half.

We've forged new partnerships. We're grateful to our partners and suppliers for sharing our vision and commitment to keep costs low via volume-based price cuts and market investments. This has the biggest impact on our Limo Model, but we were also able to cut the cost of our ever-popular Vendor Model.

A low price is great, but we know you still need the money to cover it, so we're proud to announce we now have an option for financing through our partnerships. Until now, customers had to break open the piggy bank or find their own financing. Unfortunately, not all financing companies were familiar with our vehicles, so they weren't willing to make the loan. (Maybe our next eTuk should be the Banking Model?)

Our financing options will make buying an eTuk (or even a fleet of eTuks) affordable for any customer, no matter what business you're in.

We've ramped up our supply chain to accommodate the increased demand we have already experienced as a result to this news. Contact us to learn more about how an eTuk can revolutionize your business, and do it while you can still be among the first to have one of these vehicles representing your company.


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About eTuk USA, LLC

Headquartered in Denver, CO eTuk USA manufactures 100% electric, eco-friendly tuk tuks to suit a variety of customer needs throughout the USA. The company’s electric vehicles are well suited for a variety of applications. eTuk USA licenses the design from their partner, The Tuk Tuk Factory, and is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the eTuk in the United States. Check out the company’s passenger eTuks for shuttle and tour operator applications or its commercial eTuks for vending, delivery, or food truck applications. 

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