eTuk had its own cameo appearance on the big screen as Sharmi Albrechtsen, founder and CEO of SmartGurlz, debuted the tech toy company on ABC's Shark Tank... and ended up walking away with a deal! 

Albrechtsen pitched her company to all the usual sharks - Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec, and another guy you might know - guest shark Richard Branson. With a fully branded and customized eTuk, she was able to display the whole product line on air. The vehicle also has an LED screen attached to the back to view promotional videos. The versatility to drive the vehicle off the street and straight into the studio made it the perfect way to display the dolls on the show.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 3.07.42 PM.png

Electric eTuks are the perfect promotional vehicle for all kinds of companies - specifically customers can customize their eTuk to match any brand. In the case of SmartGurlz, their dolls are battery powered and environmentally friendly — just like the eTuk Vendor shown above.

The doll's vehicle works through a combination of the dolls plus SmartGurlz “Siggy” robot (a two-wheeled self-balancing robot segway vehicle) and what the firm has branded its “Sugar Coded” app, giving young girls the ability to code the specific movements of the vehicle. Girls can use the app in various different ways, including simply drawing paths for their doll to roll around.

To date, SmartGurlz has sold $300,00 in inventory — only starting to sell in the U.S. in July — with expectations for sales to ramp up during the holiday season. The six-person company is optimizing its website and working to put together a hotline in preparation for interested consumers following the episode’s airing.

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"I was so nervous before I got into the Tank but honestly when I was in the Tank, the Sharks were really friendly and super professional. My two young assistants Isabelle and Leah did a great job and we made a little dream team."  - Sharmi Albrechtsen, SmartGurlz Founder and CEO 

The offering shark, Daymond John, CEO and founder of FUBU, offered SmartGurlz $200,000 dollars with an equity stake in the company. We are proud to feature SmartGurlz one of eTuk's rising stars - and let's be honest, we just think the company is really cool in general! 

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