Three-wheeled zero-emission eTuks tout extreme versatility for both indoor and outdoor use.

 Visit many urban centers worldwide and you’ll often find yourself submersed in a sea of three-wheeled colorful auto rickshaws. Also known as “tuk tuks”, these vehicles are a widely used form of transportation around the world. Until just a few years ago, a tuk tuk could not be found in the United States, let alone an electric one. In March of 2015, eTuk USA announced that all of their Department of Transportation (DOT) certified models are available for sale in the U.S.


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The eTuks are street legal, making them great as passenger shuttles, delivery vehicles and perfect for selling food, drinks, and goods. In addition, since they are 100% electric, they can be used in interior spaces such as airports, convention centers and hotels; perfect for trade shows, vending, promotions, and so much more. For example, eTuk USA recently worked closely with a creative brand agency for their client Bhakti Chai based in Boulder, Colorado. “A modern version of the iconic Indian rickshaw, the eTuk is the perfect vehicle to bring the Bhakti Chai brand to the people,” said Judd Rogers, Lead Project Manager at Young Jenkins. “Bhakti Chai’s values of sustainability and their desire to promote their brand in a fun and engaging way are supported by this unique and versatile zero-emission vehicle. “

Each eTuk is manufactured and assembled locally in Denver, CO, allowing eTuk USA to make sure each eTuk conforms to the highest design and manufacturing standards.  The vehicles meet or exceed all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) set forth by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). “We spent over 9 months preparing for the FMVSS testing for the DOT and our results were a huge success.” Said Colin Sommer of eTuk USA. Each eTuk has a 17 Character VIN allowing it to be registered and plated at the state level. 

 “We are extremely excited to bring these high quality electric, zero-emission vehicles to our clients in the U.S,” said Michael Fox of eTuk USA. “The fun nature and curb appeal of our vehicles instantly attracts attention, making them perfect for promoting a business, message or brand. The uses are limitless. ”

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eTuk USA offers several models for both passenger and commercial use:

 eTuk Classic

The eTuk Classic is the smallest vehicle offered in the line. It can shuttle three passengers for up to 50–80 miles (depending on the battery choice) of good green fun before needing a recharge. Great for public transport, shuttle services, tours, mobile marketing, or even just as a fun weekend alternative around town.

 eTuk Limo

The eTuk Limo is a real smooth cruiser, equipped with seats for 6 passengers; a unique feature for an electric vehicle made for the road. It is the ultimate vehicle for recreation, public transport, shuttle services, city centre tours, and resorts.

 eTuk Vendor

The eTuk Vendor offers an eco friendly way to sell anything; from merchandise to ice cream to fresh fruit to hot drinks, just to name a few. If food is your thing, you can custom fabricate these eTuks to cook and sell your delectables. It is fully customizable to any vending concept and offers the same green clean fun, similar to all other eTuks.  The Vendor is available in standard or XL size.

 eTuk Cargo

eTuk Cargo offers an incredible mix of features. The big cargo space comes in 2 versions, the basic eTuk Cargo and the eTuk Cargo XL. This vehicle is the perfect fit for one that manages a supermarket supply chain or for a restaurateur looking for a memorable and economical way to deliver food fresh from their restaurant. As compared to larger vehicles the eTuk cargo’s maneuverability makes it far easier for urban delivery.

 eTuk Utility

The eTuk Utility is similar to the eTuk Cargo but has an open exterior. The big cargo space comes in 2 versions, the basic eTuk Utility and the eTuk Utility XL.  It is the perfect vehicle for maintenance companies as well as golf course greens managers.

Customization and more

All of the eTuks can be built to reflect an individual’s style, brand, or creativity. They can also be customized to fit a particular user’s needs – from designing a creative passenger experience to creating a functioning restaurant on wheels. You can order your eTuk in multiple colors schemes or start with white and custom wrap your eTuk with your own design. Take your business to the next level with digital advertising screens that can be mounted on top or the rear of the eTuk.


 eTuks can be purchased as a fleet or for individual use. Interested parties may also contact eTuk USA to inquire about setting up a partnering affiliate to create their own local eTuk urban mobility transportation company.  The urban mobility companies, such as eTuk Denver, provides a fun and unique fleet of vehicles available for urban transportation.

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About eTuk USA, LLC

Headquartered in Denver, CO eTuk USA manufactures 100% electric eco-friendly tuk tuks to suit a variety of customer needs throughout the USA. The company’s electric vehicles are well suited for a variety of applications. eTuk USA licenses the design from their partner, The Tuk Tuk Factory, and is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the eTuk in the United States. Check out the company’s passenger eTuks for shuttle and tour operator applications or its commercial eTuks for vending, delivery, or food truck applications