Whether you currently run or are thinking of starting a coffee shop -  get ready to get things moving - with an eTuk! What is an e Tuk? An eTuk is a three-wheeled, all-electronic, street-legal vehicle that can be customized to meet your needs in various shapes, sizes and wonderful branding and colors. But what do you do with it? (And what the tuk does it have to do with coffee?)




 Wait, can I afford it (ahem, "price")?!Well, eTuk suggests several, one being that of a mobile beverage shop, of which eTuks fit well with the "4 Ps" of marketing: product, place, price, and promotion. Let's look at each one of these individually. 

Okay, let's suppose you have a shop in a brick-and-mortar building - of which overhead costs are high - could you close the stationery one and go mobile? Or, for those of you who have always dreamed of having your own coffee business but didn't want to spend the capital investment or didn't know where to buy food trucks - this is your chance to get in for minimal cost. Already running a successful coffee shop? Great! Why not supplement your business by delivering in your own coffee cart all over your local 'hood, all the while getting tons of attention for your brand? 

Think of the advantages: no increased building overhead, no AC/heating bills, and all the other invoices that come along with having a location. Get into the biz, expand your biz or just have a cool little vehicle to run around events to display your brand. 

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Next, let's look at product.

There you're on a pretty much even keel with a stationery shop, except that you'll have more money to buy better beans. What you do with the beans is up to you. Many think Starbucks was a success because they realized that people are willing to pay more for coffee with a fancy name. Not so. Anyone living in Seattle in 1990 saw that Starbucks was outselling other brands. Every trash can contained little white cups with their distinctive Earth Goddess logo. Starbucks made a better product. It tasted better than the other brands. Imagine: With eTuk, you can afford to buy better beans and, with practice, make a delicious brew. It's up to you.

And place...well that's obvious.

Now YOU can go to where your customers are! You may have several places to use on a regular basis. If food trucks, which are much bigger, can do it, you can do it with your eTuk (which by the way, we can create food trucks too).

In unincorporated areas, you could probably set up anywhere other than Farmer Jones's lower 40 acres. Sleepy motorists are sure to stop. Granted, Starbucks was available on Seattle-area ferries in 1990, and now is virtually everywhere. But Starbucks started out as a unique company, and even they didn't become a household name overnight.

Finally, promotion.

This refers to whatever attracts people to your product other than advertising. Starbucks' distinctive logo is an example, though it undoubtedly paid an artist. For your mobile coffee shop, eTuk provides a barrage of very colorful and attractive vehicles - yet, the vehicle alone has proven to get unmatched attention. The day-to-day attraction amounts to free advertising, hence promotion.

"It's crazy how many times I can read people's lips - just - oh my God! And reading the name on the side," explains Mark Troutman from eTuk customer Bhakti Chai in Miami. "It definitely turns a lot of heads."

Consider also that, being electronic, the vehicle is better for the environment.

Too soon? Nah.

Think the eTuk is ahead of its time? A coffee place just opened in San Francisco that's totally automated. According to the article at the above link, it's nothing more than a "kiosk" with coffee-making machines that will make coffee to your specifications. But where's the human contact? Perhaps other customers. Maybe. And, granted, the company cuts its overhead by not paying employees, but what does that say about their values and the advantages to the economy that come with job creation?

With an eTuk portable coffee shop, you have not only lower expenses, but you have smiling faces, job creation and so much more. Considering all the positive features of the coffee eTuk, could it be right for your expansion? If you're not your own boss now, don't you think it's time to start? And the eTuk coffee shop provides your ticket to financial independence. Bye bye, boss! Let's have coffee sometime. 

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