If your one of the zillions of food lovers out there and have ever considered having your own food business, here's a this low-cost option to either get you started  (or expand  your current food biz..and it's making traditional food trucks seem so 2015.

We're talking about eTuk, the ultra hip, environmentally friendly and affordable way to get rolling in dough. Zoom around in your own eTuk rickshaw vehicle, building your brand and turning customers' heads everywhere you go. While eTuks have uses in many types of industries, one of the most fascinating applications for new or existing entrepreneurs is setting up food, beverage, or vendor businesses.


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Here are a handful of possibilities if you're thinking of getting into the business for yourself...and you happen to love just about any form of food, coffee, libation, and more.  

Meals (on wheels, but different).
Clearly an obvious choice, yet - the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to eTuk. Whether you make hot dogs, pizza, burritos, paninis, falafel, or empanadas, your tuk-tuk will attract hungry lunchtime workers, tourists, or evening dinner crowds. 

Farmer's Markets 
Everywhere you look, farmer's markets are appearing. Today's farmer's markets are for a lot more than fruits and vegetables. Food stands are extremely popular at these markets. This is a great way to rake in money in just a few hours.

Food trucks have long been popular at festivals. There are now more festivals than ever, highlighting various types of music, films, and everything else. There are also gourmet food and wine festivals where your eTuk fits right in!

Coffee Cart 
People are now passionate about coffee, espresso, and other caffeinated beverages. Selling gourmet coffee products from your eTuk is another possibility. 

Beer and Wine 
High-quality beer and wine are also fast-growing trends. In fact, there are now lots of beer and wine festivals around the nation. 

Are you picking up what we're putting down?

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