Move over champagne, there's a new fizz in town.

For the past several years, prosecco, Champagne’s Italian cousin, has been bubbling up the beverage world. Hailing from the Veneto region in Italy, there’s no better time to jump on the prosecco bandwagon than now. Once just a regional phenomenon, prosecco mania is taking the world market by storm.

Since 2007, the bubbly beverage has become the best selling sparkling-wine in the UK, hitting sales of $912 million in 2016. During which time, Brits drank one-third of all prosecco produced worldwide. So popular, British dentists have even dubbed the term “prosecco smile.”

This popularity comes as no surprise. Prosecco fills a gap in the market where it’s bubbly counterparts fail to fill. Millenials are considering Champagne a little too sophisticated and Cava (spanish sparkling wine)a little too dusty. Goldilocks say, “Prosecco is just right”: an everyday luxury with an accessible, affordable price-tag.

English entrepreneurs have been capitalizing on this trend with mobile Prosecco carts. The Piaggio Ape is leading the charge on conversions with massive popularity across the region. These carts have had heads turning, glasses raising and cameras snapping.

But why should the UK get all the fun? Over the past few years, the prosecco trend has made the voyage across the Atlantic. In 2016, the US saw a 33% increase in sparkling wine sales. Prosecco sales have increased by 35%, driving the growth of prosecco by a third.  Unfortunately the Ape is not street legal in the US.


booze etuk ON THREE WHEELS.

It's clear these trends aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Prosecco DOC Consorzio, which represents the growers and wineries of the Veneto region, is expecting at least a 5% increase of global sparkling consumption. This type of growth is commanding expansion of vineyards all over Italy.

The numbers don’t lie: prosecco is poppin’ and now is the time for you to cash in. What better way to turn grapes to gold than with a prosecco tuk tuk?

Lean, clean, “Instagram-able” machines, eTuks are the perfect addition to any celebration. Work with our customization partners to build your dream prosecco tuk today and let the cash start flowing. Spumante, frizzante or tranquillo, a prosecco eTuk can serve it all.

Unlike a Piaggio Ape, an eTuk is 100% street legal and 100% electric. Take the high road straight to your customers in you very own custom tuk tuk. From office parties and music festivals to weddings and farmers markets, everyone will be bubbling with excitement over your prosecco tuk tuk. Plus, because the eTuk is 100% electric, you can drive your prosecco tuk inside and out. No need to let summer showers damper the day, you can now raise your glasses high - rain or shine.

What’s stopping you? Tap into this bubbling market and shake things up with eTuk USA. Don’t wait to hear it through the grapevine - a prosecco tuk tuk is all the buzz.

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