eTuk Ride, which began as Downtown Denver's exclusive tuk tuk taxi-style shuttle service, started in 2015 with simple, plain white vehicles and a standard approach of moving people from one place to another - in other words, a straightforward shuttle service. It wasn't long before multiple revenue streams were realized - one of which is on vehicle advertising, which we'll dive into in this post. 



So, you're a sell out... great news for ROI!

Advertising opportunities are (literally) all over eTuk, where your customization can allow for as much or as little as might suit your own business model. Here are seven proven placements to support your advertising model: 
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Digital Toppers
  • Back Lit Displays
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Interior Messaging
  • Branded Drivers
  • Sampling and Giveaways 

“We get a premium for vehicle advertising because it’s so unique. You’re getting people actually looking at the vehicle and highly curious to know more.” For eTuk Denver, it made sense to bring in an advertising partner and focus on a revenue split in order to easily turn up the additional model.

“At the end of the day, we don’t want to be an advertising company. But it’s a great add-on for us. So splitting the ad revenue with Ad Focus is perfect for us,” remarked the company's general manager. “The program kind of runs itself.”

Revenue: What Could It Look Like? 

Considering the wraps gross up to $1500/month or more per vehicle (putting the six-fleet channel north of $100k each year), it's easy to grasp the ROI potential.

Sometimes  backlit screen or digital topper is bundled as a value add for the wraps – but these two additions also add to the bottom line in the case they are sold separately. Each vehicle’s digital ad space allows 16 slots per month, generally sold at $250/month. If advertising inventory is at full capacity for any given month, that’s another $4k/vehicle and another $288k of advertising revenue (pre-split).

Advertising Opportunities Are Limitless

eTuk Denver has done campaigns with businesses on a national scale, including Red Bull, Jack Daniels, KIND Bar and much more. One of the more successful approaches is sampling opportunities within the tuks. That means passengers get not only a fun, free ride – but a free promotional item to fully round out their great onboard experience. For the advertiser, that’s exactly the kind of taste you want to leave in people’s mouths. It’s a win-win all around.

About eTuk USA 

The exclusive manufacturer of electric tuk tuks in the US, eTuk USA helps businesses bring a unique, eco-friendly and fun experience to all types of customers - taxi, shuttle, and tour operator applications; vending, delivery, and food truck applications; shuttle service for hotels - and more! Talk to us about your custom build - or specifically how to take your shuttle model to a full advertising model. eTuks go everywhere your imagination can... so go beyond the shuttle! 

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