Commercial don't have smells, nor do websites taste like chicken. eTuks provide a channel for your customers to smell, taste, enjoy and remember your cuisine. 

Struggling to get from point A to B? Not a fan of taxis and giant vans? Bothered by "surge pricing"? You're not the only one. Starting a shuttle service with an eTuk Limo is the perfect alternative solution.


Why launch an eTuk shuttle service?

Become a head turner. 

eTuks have long been revered as one of the most unique vehicles to attract passengers - and advertisers. 

"It's crazy how many times I can read people's lips - just - oh my God! And reading the name on the side," explains Mark Troutman from eTuk customer Bhakti Chai in Miami. "It definitely turns a lot of heads."

Revenue streams are untapped! 

Imagine absolutely every way you could turn your tuk tuk fleet into a revenue generating machine. From advertising, fares, private tours, corporate events, charters, product sampling and more - the opportunity is literally limitless. 

Increased demand for green mobility options. 

Recently featured in the NY Times as one of the ways that Denver, Colorado has become a "car-free vacation" for travelers - eTuk's electric component means they're completely green and a good opportunity for public or private collaboration. 

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So, why buy eTuk? 

But really - with so many shuttle options...what else? Here you go: 

  • Holds up to 6 passengers plus driver
  • 100% electric
  • Up to 70 miles on 1 charge
  • Low maintenance
  • Charge up to 90% in 3 hours
  • High quality design
  • US DOT certified and street legal
  • eTuk app available 

About eTuk USA 

The exclusive manufacturer of electric tuk tuks in the US, eTuk USA helps businesses bring a unique, eco-friendly and fun experience to all types of customers - taxi, shuttle, and tour operator applications; vending, delivery, and food truck applications; shuttle service for hotels - and more! Talk to us about your custom build - eTuks go everywhere your imagination can.


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