The dusitD2 hotel Constance Pasadena unveiled a unique mode of transportation on Thursday that will be used to ferry hotel guests to points of interest around the city.

The bright orange, three-wheeled vehicle, commonly referred to as a “tuk tuk,” is a popular mode of transportation in the clogged streets of Bangkok. But Phil Anderson, the dusitD2’s general manager, figures it will be a novel way to take guests where they want to go while also advertising the hotel.

The vehicle will be used to shuttle visitors to such locations as Old Pasadena for shopping, the Huntington Library and Caltech.



“This is the only one in the state [at the time of the article]", Anderson said. “We could have offered a van or a bus, but this is a Thai-based hotel and we thought this would be a unique selling point.”

The six-seat, electric-powered vehicle was assembled by eTuk USA in Denver, Colorado. Michael Fox, eTuk’s director of sales and marketing, said his company began manufacturing tuk tuks and launched a tuk tuk shuttle service in downtown Denver after seeing the vehicles in action during a visit to Guatemala.

“We realized this was a bigger opportunity,” he said.

On Thursday, Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek and Councilman Andy Wilson were on hand to take a spin in the dusitD2’s new tuk tuk.

“Here we have a classic vehicle that is electric powered,” Wilson said. “It’s something that is iconic of a culture but contemporary and mindful of the environment."

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 Article was originally posted by the San Gabriel Valley Tribune on October 22, 2015.

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